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Smoking Facts and Graphic Warnings About the Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes

The smoking facts about the health risks of smoking cigarettes are now required to be on cigarette packages in many countries. Anti tobacco laws specify a percentage of the cigarette pack to be dedicated to displaying selected warnings about the possible health effects of smoking cigarette and tobacco products. These warnings include pictures and text about the potential harm to the individual using the product and also the possible harm that could be caused to others such as the more vulnerable members of society like children and infants.

It is hardly surprising that the manufacturers of tobacco products do not like these requirements. Apparently they reckon it is unfair to tell the truth about their products.

But, it is the responsibility of government to protect the people, therefore governments must reveal the smoking facts about what cigarettes can do even if that means forcing the manufacturer of the product to tell the truth. It is highly unlikely they will do so voluntarily.

Here are the Smoking Facts About Anti Smoking Laws and Government Regulation

All products that carry a risk of harm are regulated in some way. Governments require that manufacturers list the possible risks of harm on their products and provide safety instructions to consumers so that the product can can be used properly.

If you choose to use such potentially harmful products and if you take the necessary recommended safety precautions, you can delight in the benefits of the product. such is the case for cleansers, paint, solvents and many other products that provide a benefit but also carry some risk.

So why should cigarettes be exempt from these same regulations?

Cigarettes are one of the few products on the market that carry no benefit whatsoever. if you use the products exactly as the manufacturer recommends then it is most likely that you will be harmed, and in the process you may harm other people. The smoking facts are that there is no safe way to use a cigarette and additionally there really is no reason to use one.

There are many products on the market today that are used by humans and carry some health risk. Most all of those products also carry a benefit from their use.

Cigarettes are about the only legal product on the market that only carries a risk and no benefit.

There are no possible beneficial effects of smoking cigarettes to the person who smokes them. The only benefit of smoking is to the people who manufacture and sell the cigarettes because they they continue to make money. In reality but, there is no end benefit to the user from using this product.

Cigarette manufacturers cannot make a promise to their customers of nay personal benefit at all. In fact the only promise they can make to the people who use their product is that you will continue to be their customer. such is the power of smoking addiction.

It is the responsibility and moral obligation of government to make sure the people are fully informed about their choice to use a legally available product, especially when the makers of the product deliver advertising messages that suggest their product is harmless and will enhance life in some way. when it comes to tobacco products those message should be countered and it is in the best interest of the people for governments to regulate those messages.

If tobacco companies want to be able to continue to advertise their product then they should be telling the truth and not perpetuating smoking addiction fiction.

Governments then have an obligation to ensure that tobacco manufacturers put warnings about the real health effects of smoking cigarettes on their products.

Consumers deserve to know the facts. Smokers deserve the know the smoking facts, and governments are obligated to make sure those facts are highly visible on each and every product that reaches the hands of the tobacco company’s customers.

Smoking Facts and Graphic Warnings About the Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes