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Vapestick capitalises on rising Worldwide e-cigarette trend with national listings in Tesco pharmacies

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 12 April 2012

At the forefront of development and innovation, UK based company Vapestick manufacture e-cigarettes for smokers looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.
Following the latest news from America, electronic cigarette usage appears to be rising at a rapid rate.

Despite an nearly noncommittal stance from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in regards to health concerns, which nearly exactly mirrors the current UK situation, a study conducted by Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Researchers and published by US Tobacco Control and, suggests that the number of electronic cigarette users in the USA nearly quadrupled over the last 12 months. Vapestick, the UK’s leading electronic cigarette manufacturer looks set to capitalise on the UK market with its unparalleled range of electronic cigarette products and its recent national listing in Tesco Pharmacies across the country.

It should be noted this increase in popularity is taking place even amidst debate over the advantages of these products. For the uninitiated, Vapestick e-cigarettes are designed to mimic the habitual effects of a tobacco cigarette. And while they do not use tobacco, combustion, smoke, ash or any of the thousands of chemicals found in normal cigarettes, the FDA and its UK counterpart (MHRA) has yet to completely rule on how they will be regulated.

According to the CDC, tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, “accounting for approximately 443,000 deaths in the United States each year.” The fact that more than 2.5 million Americans have made the switch to electronic cigarettes seems to suggest that the public is looking for an alternative to tobacco products. The situation in the UK is just as stark – with an estimated 10 million smokers, and a cost to the already-stretched NHS of around £2.7 billion per year.

The simple truth is that tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of toxins and chemicals. According to the CDC, tobacco cigarettes contain over 7,000 known chemicals. Hundreds of these are toxic, and around 70 are directly linked to cancer. This is to say nothing of the toxins and chemicals found within second-hand smoke. The current NHS backed ‘stop-smoking’ TV campaign clearly focuses on the dangers of second-hand smoke specifically, along with the potential dangers for those children exposed to it.

As an alternative, Vapestick e-cigarettes do not use tobacco, and they do not combust. So instead of producing smoke, they produce a vapour.

Personal benefits may not be the only appeal of e-cigarettes for those looking to make the switch. The environmentally-conscious smoker may be taking note of the impact their smoking habit is having on the environment. As reported in a June 2008 article by Well loved Science, every year, some 600 million trees are ruined, all in the name of producing the paper for tobacco cigarettes. In addition, a countless number of cigarette butts and finished packets get tossed, many of which end up lining pavements and filling public parks.

Then there’s the cost savings. The Chancellor raised the taxation on a packet of 20 cigarettes by 37p in last month’s Budget, which means some retailers are selling packs of 20 for over £8 now. Calculations made by Vapestick estimate that users can save over £2,200 a year by taking the Vapestick healthier alternative to smoking – a saving of up to 75%.

Whatever happens, in the end, what the electronic cigarette offers is an alternative to tobacco – an alternative that the public seems very willing to explore. And Vapestick are at the forefront of development and innovation to make sure that smokers have the very best tools at their disposal.

About Vapestick
Vapestick is a UK based company that provides electronic cigarette products to adults looking for a healthier alternative to smoking. In the past two years, its sales growth has outperformed the rest of the market due to a combination of innovation, design and price. Vapestick were recently announced as the sole national supplier of electronic cigarettes to Tesco stores. For more information on Vapestick, please call +44 (0) 800 011 4312 or visit

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