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Qutting Smoking – Still Craving a Cigarette While Wearing a Nicotine Patch?

Are you still having intense cigarette cravings even while wearing a Nicotine Patch? I was always frustrated when I tried to quit smoking using the patch, because I noticed that I would still get the urge to smoke. On the other hand, taking the patch off and trying to go cold turkey was absolutely miserable for me. It seemed that there was no good way for me to quit smoking, even though I desperately wanted to.

The Secret to Breaking out of this Cycle is to get Radical

I absolutely hated the thought of going through that nasty withdrawal when I tried to quit smoking. What I learned by trying to use the Nicotine patch was that it just didn’t seem to help much. Not only did I want to smoke when I was wearing it, but I still went through a wretched withdrawal when I finally peeled off that last patch. They made quitting smoking uncomfortable, and I always failed anyway.

I read some information on a website that had a lot of good things to say about cold turkey quitting. the idea of cold turkey still horrified me, but what they were saying made sense. After educating myself about cold turkey quitting, I developed a plan to go through the nasty withdrawals without using any patches, pills, gums, or lozenges.

I did not quit successfully that time, but I could see the value in cold turkey quitting. the value that I saw on that first cold turkey trial run was this: you could get through those nasty withdrawals a lot quicker than I thought. and I also learned then how worthless those Nicotine patches were, because now I could really see how much they prolonged the agony of withdrawal.

Devising the Ultimate Quitting Strategy

Now that I could see the value in cold turkey quitting, I chose to take some other ideas that had helped me in the past and combine the strategies. For example, back when I was still trying to quit, I once came very close through the power of distraction. This was in the form of a week long vacation at a major amusement park. I knew smoking was an inconvenience there, so I almost managed to quit–and also notice how much simpler it was due to the massive power of distraction.

After Learning What Seemed to help Me in Quitting, I Finally Place it all Together

I finally managed to quit smoking for good over two years ago, and the trick was through meticulous planning. After learning what worked and what didn’t for me, I was able to place all of these ideas together and finally kick the habit for good. I actually came up with a fairly sophisticated plan about 2 months before I intended to quit. I have not had any Nicotine since then.

Qutting Smoking – Still Craving a Cigarette While Wearing a Nicotine Patch?