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A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

The electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to smoking; so much more so, in fact, that star Leonardo DiCaprio, noted for his healthy habits, has even been spotted enjoying a quick vape while cycling. Leonardo isn’t the only celebrity to eschew traditional cigarettes in favor of e-cigs, and there are growing numbers of everyday people who are making the same choice. The reasons behind the growing trend are numerous.

Electronic Cigarettes: How They Work Makes a Difference

Most people wonder how electronic cigarettes work. In a nutshell, they produce a flavored vapor that consists mostly of water. They do this by heating liquid, which is transformed into a visible steam-like vapor that is very much like the vapor emitted by a humidifier. This vapor contains a few naturally or artificially flavored ingredients made from food grade additives, plus a bit of nicotine. 

Cigarettes, on the other hand, produce real smoke, which contains more than four thousand chemicals. These chemicals include an entire laundry list of toxins, known poisons, and carcinogens; all of which are carried directly into the lungs and into the surrounding environment via the smoke that the cigarette emits. 

The difference is simple, but the results are stunning. With electronic cigarettes, there is no secondhand smoke inhalation risk, simply because there is no smoke present. In addition, there is no residual odor, and there is no tar left behind to coat the inside of the user’s lungs.

Nicotine Use

Many electronic cigarette formulas do contain nicotine, which has a pharmacological effect, and which is just as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Despite the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance, it is not nearly as harmful as many other drugs are. The fact that e-cigs contain varying amounts of nicotine is also the very reason why electronic cigarettes are 99% safe instead of 100% safe. There have been a few studies conducted, but not enough to confirm that they are absolutely safe for everyone to use. As such, they must be used at one’s own risk. 

This being said, it’s clear that e-cigs are a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, simply for the fact that the method of delivery does not bring users into direct contact with carcinogens. People who switch to electronic cigarettes notice that their overall health improves, and they notice that their lung capacity increases. Best of all, they delight in the fact that they are no longer putting others at risk of secondhand smoke inhalation. Those who want to cut back find that doing so is not as hard as it is with traditional cigarettes. 

These are just some of the reasons why switching to electronic cigarettes is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Make the change, and you’re sure to find reasons of your own. 

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