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Quit Smoking Cigarettes – 7 Best Way to Help Quit Smoking

Having problems on quitting smoking cigarette? Let’s see these 7 tips below to help quit smoking now.

1 – away from cigarette smoke 

Sometimes I was tempted to smoke when I smell cigarette smoke, especially in public places. What I did, I leave the place immediately and find a place where no one smokes. I did this routine for more than six months. After this period, because it can mix with people who smoke without being seduced by their smoke. I’ve been through the critical period of adjustment. 

2 – Drink plenty of water or fruit juice 

After sweating my physical activities mentioned in item 3, drink plenty of water or fruit juice that is available to the fullest. Water is the number one cleansing the body. I was relieved completely after drinking water. When a fresh fruit juice is needed to replace the water which can be useful to help to quit smoking. Most times I drink more water than fruit juice. 
3 – Mash a single stick 

Once smokers suffered from a cough for nearly a month. Any medication you take, but in vain. I could not sleep sometimes, when the coughing attacks. I was very, very mad with my cough, and I immediately plugged in the cigarette cough suffered. I have a pole and immediately smashed me and says, “I despise you, despise you I despise you” crush the stick only in small pieces and thrown away. You can crush more than I did, if you reckon you do not feel comfortable with a stick. It depends on your choice. 

5 – Self-Discipline 

Always keep by my choice to quit. Any form of coercion or seduction could break my personal choice of my friends who are smokers. During social gatherings or just get together, could not escape to mingle with the smokers. But not for my firm conviction to smoke again, I strictly adhere to my choice to be non-smoker, and I can not withstand heavy pressure. To me, that is self-discipline. 

6 – Keep busy 

When you want to smoke, I see that I have to do something to make me busy. I used to do heavy work such as mowing grass, heavy lifting, jogging in place, or anything that leaves me sweating a lot. When I sweat a lot, I’m dfrom relieve the craving for cigarettes. 

7 – Reckon positive 

Positive thinking, what I mean, imagine and focus is always on the positive side of things. I do not mind myself looking at the terrible experiences I encountered during my addiction to cigarette smoking. I always do things that has nothing to do with smoking. When suddenly the desire for cigarettes is to my mind immediately change course to delete. Doing things to spend the time to forget the attention of cigarette related. 

6. Eat fruits and vegetables 

This is my secret to forget smoking. Always keep the fruit or vegetable with my diet. If 
no fruit available during the lean months, I used to eat plenty of vegetables on a stage. Sometimes I will combine three or five vehicles in a kitchen, all kinds of vegetables available at all I have to use.

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