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What to Expect While You Quit Smoking

Quitting a terrible habit is very hard. It is ironic that people don’t think twice before quitting a good habit like exercising or eating healthy, but will take ages to choose to quit a terrible habit that will only ruin their life in future. Smoking is also one of those habits. But if you have once chose to quit smoking then you should stick to your choice. It’s right that you may go through many withdrawal symptoms for few days after quitting but it will benefit a lot in the long run. you may expect following symptoms immediately after quitting smoking-

Temper issues and Mood Swings

For few days or weeks after you quit, you lose your temper more frequently and easily. This type of behavior is very common in this case. Your temper and mood swings may even surprise you as you may get mad or sad for no apparent reason. But instead of suppressing your rage or irritation, you must try to manage it. try to keep yourself calm and think about the reason that’s making you mad. you should try to stay as calm as you can because increased stress will only make you want to smoke even more. you can try some breathing exercises and yoga to keep yourself relaxed.

Stomach and digestive problems

Absence of smoking may cause constipation and gas in the stomach. These problems occur because smoking increases intestinal movement and if we smoke for a long time then our body gets used to the effects of smoking to start the bowel movement. But these symptoms should subside in few weeks. till then, you can relieve the constipation and other problems by drinking six to eight glasses of water everyday and increase the amount of fiber in your diet. you must also go walk everyday.

Nasal and respiratory problems

You may experience cough, cold and restricted breathing in the first few days after your last cigarette. This is because our body start getting rid of the mucous formed in the lungs due to smoking. you may suffer from blocked and runny nose for few days. try to treat the symptoms by drinking plenty of water and using cough drops, candy etc.

Depression is a common trait among the people trying to quit smoking. This happens because most people start treat cigarettes as a mode to reward themselves after going through a hard situation. They also see smoking as a kind of meditation that helps them reduce stress. Therefore, absence of smoking makes them feel depressed.

In order to help yourself, try to find a new way to reward yourself. Manage your depression by talking to friends and family. keep telling yourself that you are a strong person and you will do this. Depression is normal in the first few weeks and these feelings of despair and sadness will pass. But if these feelings do not go way even after few weeks of quitting smoking then you must consult a doctor.

Excessive Hunger

Most of the people who are trying to quit smoking, try to substitute their cigarette craving with food. many a times, a craving for cigarette is confused to hunger and the patient thinks that his appetite has increased. also, this can be a sign of our mouth craving stimulation. Over the years, the mouth gets used to of the cigarettes landing in your mouth and it is still craving for it.

In order to cure these cravings, you should keep drinking water or low calorie drinks after regular intervals. If you feel hungry after every few minutes then you can eat some low stout snack or simply chew on a tooth pick.

Nicotine stimulates our body and gives us a feeling of energy. after you have quit, you may feel tired for the next two to four weeks. during this period you should try to get some extra sleep. But do not leave your daily routine as it will contribute to the fatigue.

These symptoms may be hard to fight off, but remember that you are doing it for a good cause and you must not give up.

What to Expect While You Quit Smoking