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Facts And Statistics About Tobacco

Posted on Jul 17, 2012

Available data on use of tobacco points out that every year more than two million deaths from tobacco smoking in the US. A lot of people die prematurely due ill effects of tobacco. Compared to non-smokers, smokers are more prone to diseases like cancer, coronary and respiratory disorders.  there is a reduction in the number of smokers and advertizing of cigarettes is banned, mainly to keep youngsters away from using tobacco. yet, it is found that people pick up this habit before reaching the age of eighteen.

Many constituents of tobacco are known to harm health of people, and a large percentage of these constituents are identified for causing cancer. As a result of smoking number of chemicals like acetone, carbon dioxide, lead, ammonia, nicotine shellac, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide enter human body. These chemicals adversely affect human skin. That’s why smokers generally look older than they really are.

Smokers are at a much higher risk of having a premature death, their life expectancy being twelve years less than non-smokers. Statistics on the subject also tell us that non-smokers exposed to cigarette smoke are also prone to dying prematurely, the effect is more pronounced among older adults. further, cigarette smoke also affects young children adversely. Children exposed to exhaled smoke are more likely to have ill health compared to those who are not. Children exposed to passive smoking have higher rate of chest diseases, compared to children in non-smoking households.

A majority of adult smokers get addicted before the age of eighteen, with most of them beginning to start using tobacco at the age of twelve or thirteen. Statistical data reveals that 80 percent of young people who try smoking get addicted to tobacco.  The studies also point out that children who are made aware of the harmful effects of smoking at an early age have more chances of not to smoke during their lifetime.

Though people are well aware that tobacco is harmful, but the problem arises once they get addicted to that. Nicotine contained in tobacco is very addictive. Some consider that to be having more addictive properties than cocaine.  The best way out is to keep away from tobacco. Children should be made aware of the harmful effects of smoking at an early age. People already addicted to it should look for a way to giving it up at the earliest before tobacco damages their health.

Facts And Statistics About Tobacco