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Do Anti-Smoking Laws Work?

The dangers of smoking to the actual smoker and to the people that are nearby have become common knowledge. Individuals that smoke raise their risks of developing all types of cancer including, lung cancer as well as heart disease. Smoking cigarettes also cause the blood vessels to narrow, which increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Individuals that live with smokers or individuals who simply inhale second hand smoke, also have increased risk for heart disease and cancer. Young children and older adults are the most at risk.

Individuals that are against anti-smoking laws typically argue that it encroaches on an individual smokers rights, as well as those of business owners, who in growing numbers, are not allowed to let patrons smoke. Business owners have been particularly vocal about the unfairness of the ban. they cite that it will drive away business and costs them money. this is especially right for bars and restaurants. The battles rage heavily when some types of establishments are allowed to continue to let people smoke, while others are not. this is believed to provide an unfair advantage.

It may be too soon to determine whether or not anti-smoking laws are working. this is because in many cities, these laws have just been passed and there have not been enough time for any lengthy studies to be performed. however, research does show that secondhand smoke can be terribly dangerous. it can lead to cancer and heart problems. some opponents of the ban may argue that the amount of time spent in a restaurant or establishment isn’t enough time to do any damage. however, the amount of time that is spent in these places can add up over one’s lifetime, which can unwittingly put an individual at risk even when they have not chosen to smoke.

Anti-smoking laws have become more and more common. due to concern for people who may be affected by second-hand smoking, many cities are cracking down on smoking in public. While most people agree with the ban, there are many who do not and believe that cities are overstepping their boundaries. however, any legislation that protects the public from someone else’s dangerous choices should be considered. currently, it is too early to tell whether or not anti-smoking laws works. however, as times passes, there are likely to be studies to determine if this is an effective method to fighting the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Do Anti-Smoking Laws Work?