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Adele Announces Pregnancy, Solar Cigarette Comments It’s Time She Quits Her Smoking Habit at Electronic Cigarette Company

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

Grammy winner and celebrity smoker Adele announced on Friday that she was going to be a mother. The 24-year ancient revealed on her website that she and boyfriend Simon Konecki are expecting their first baby, reported but knowing that cigarette smoking presents many great risks during and after pregnancy, SolarCigarette advised the singer to quit her smoking habit.Know the Celebrity Smokers who Already Switched to Ecig

According to, smoking during pregnancy affects the baby’s health before and after he or she is born. It added that secondhand smoke also increases the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

With those risks and many others, expecting mothers must therefore quit the habit to protect the baby’s health. however, it is not simple to kick smoking especially with the added stress that comes with pregnancy. and so, electronic cigarette company Solar Cigarette suggests the use of ecigarette to all smoking mothers or mothers-to-be.

Electronic cigarette basically offers a smokeless way of getting that smoking fix. It works without burning tobacco and so it emits no harmful smoke. with its cartridges that can contain zero to various amounts of nicotine, it also works as an effective tool to completely quit the habit. That’s because with the device, a smoker can slowly but surely reduce the amount of nicotine taken in.

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The company though believes that there’s no other ecig like its own. with it also named as Solar Cigarette, it said that the product offers more health benefits than any other in the market.

In addition to the reduced health risks, a company representative said that it also helps lose weight. and basically, that’s what makes it unique from others, the rep added. apart from that, it was also stated that the added benefit is a major factor why Solar Cigarette appeals to many celebrity smokers.

Nonetheless, SolarCigarette offers not just ecigarette. It also supplies ecig accessories. The latest addition of which is a wide set of flavored cartridges. and along with those additions are many more benefits, particularly with health.

But among the new cartridges, the company especially recommends the use of Coenzyme Q10 cartridge pack to mothers. Imbued with Vitamin Q or CoQ10, the said cartridge promises anti-aging benefits. Specifically, it helps in the prevention of age-related disorders.

And for a healthy-smoking with a big saving, the company advises the purchase of Solar Cigarette and ConenzymeQ10 cartridge pack today. That’s because it’s giving out 24 percent discount until the fourth of July. Purchasers just have to enter the code ‘fireworks’ to get the discount.

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Adele Announces Pregnancy, Solar Cigarette Comments It’s Time She Quits Her Smoking Habit at Electronic Cigarette Company