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Best Tips To Quit Smoking Now

Are you looking for the best tips to quit smoking? if so, then this article is for you. if you want to quit smoking, the first thing that you have to do is to mentally program yourself for the tough road ahead. Alot of people try to quit cold turkey, but this strategy usually doesn’t work for most people.

One of the best tips to quit smoking is to replace a cigarette with something called a pirouette. a pirouette is a very tasty cookie that is shaped like a flute. these can be found at your local grocery store and I believe that Nabisco makes them. Anyway, you can simulate smoking a cigarette with this in your mouth, and it will give you the same sucking power that a cigarette will. plus, it’s extremely tasty.

What I like to do is take the pirouette and put it in my mouth and walk around with it. Trust me, you won’t mind the sweet taste in your mouth when you have it in there. I do it all the time and I can tell you that it effectively simulates the feeling of having a cigarette in your mouth.

The pirouette technique can be substituted to use any other kind product. you could use the twizzlers candy, a kit-kat bar, or even a snickers bar. the pirouette is the most effective, but anyone of these candies will do. try this technique out today and give it a try. it just might work effectively for you.

Another one of the best tips to quit smoking is to exercise. Go for a brisk jog around your home and see how excellent this feels. This will get your blood pumping and heart racing faster than I don’t know what. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, go outside and run. This technique is very effective.

Not only is running a excellent method to try out, but it’s also excellent for you also. So you benefit in two ways. You’ll be stimulating your mental and physical health, all while helping to beat smoking at the same time. if you’re someone who doesn’t exercise as much as you should, then maybe you should consider exercising more often starting today.

Another thing you can do is to substitute smoking with snacks. instead of reaching for a cigarette at 10pm at night, reach for a stick of carrot. put that in your mouth and play with it. you benefit because it’s healthy, and it’s simulating the sucking action of a cigarette. Replacing cigarettes for food is a excellent strategy.

All of these methods are effective for helping you to stop smoking today. I would know. I used to be a chronic smoker and all of these techniques worked very well for me. Now I’m proud to say that I have stopped smoking for excellent and that I am healthier than ever. Hopefully your success tale will sound similar to mine, and hopefully it will be simple for you to stop smoking.

Use these best tips to quit smoking to your advantage today.

Excellent luck with quitting smoking.

Best Tips To Quit Smoking Now