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Benefits Of Quitting Smoking – A Brief Listing

The following are some of the benefits of quitting smoking

Money Ever increasing and inflation busting price rises continue to hit smokers hard. by stopping smoking you’ll see a dramatic increase in the amount of disposable cash that you now have; enough to fund a holiday or a new car. It’s also estimated that being a smoker devalues your house significantly when you come to sell. The smell of lingering stale tobacco smoke puts potential buyers off and in the current tough market a clean fresh home is needed to make a solid first impression. another of the benefits of quitting smoking is that your insurance premiums will also be lower.

Lung capacity Your lung capacity will increase the longer you refrain from smoking. While it’s true that smokers really have a larger lung capacity than their non-smoking contemporaries they do but have less functional capacity. Smokers unable to get good air in and terrible air out.

Teeth Smoking starts staining your teeth nearly instantly and continues each time you have a cigarette. Smoking also causes terrible breath and has been known to seriously affect the health of your teeth being identified as a major factor in gum disease.

Skin another of the benefits of quitting smoking is the increase in the health and vitality of your skin. Smoking damages your skin and accelerates aging leading to a condition known as smokers face. Typical signs would be lines or wrinkles on the face, gauntness and a gray appearance to the face.

Smell Smokers don’t notice but they stink. Try going for a few hours without having a cigarette and you’ll soon notice the smokers you meet.

Carbon monoxide drop Carbon monoxide is highly toxic to humans. BY approximately eight hours after quitting smoking your carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal levels.

Significantly reduced risk of lung cancer when you stop smoking the chance of lung cancer starts to decrease and continues to do so as damage to lungs is repaired.

Longer life a longer life is one of the benefits of quitting smoking. Life expectancy of non-smokers in 10 years higher than that of a smoker.

Coughs disappear All of that coughing and spluttering that you do first thing in the morning or after exercise will disappear. sure, it may get worse initially after quitting but it will lessen and eventually fade.

Circulation improved Nicotine and carbon monoxide are the two problems here. being a stimulant nicotine raises the heart rate and it also raises blood pressure which means that it makes arteries all over the body become tinier which makes it harder for the heart to pump through the constricted arteries causing the heart to work harder. As the heart works harder it requires more oxygen and this oxygen is carried through the blood, but because carbon monoxide affects the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood the heart has to work harder to get more blood – an ever increasing vicious circle.

Taste and smell return You will notice your sense of taste and smell improving as the days pass.

Lower risk of heart attack Risk of heart attack vastly increases with the amount of smoking. Smokers continue to increase their risk of heart attack the longer they smoke. Smoking a packet of cigarettes a day will result in a more than twice the risk of heart attack than people who don’t smoke.

There are more benefits of quitting smoking although we hope that the above list is enough to get you motivated to start.

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking – A Brief Listing