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Quit Smoking – Tips

Smoking is injurious to health. That’s what we see in every packet of a cigarette. But we still tend to smoke even after knowing it is very harmful. it causes lung cancer and a lot of other diseases. here are a few tips we can follow to quit smoking. Follow it before it is too late.

• You need to have a strong will power. believe in yourselves. It’s the only first step which can be taken. Our brain controls everything. and our mind is the pillar of our will power. Remember something very hard you did and succeed. Pile up all those guts and use it positively to quit smoking.

• take a book and write down whatever you feel about how you succeed and overcome the worst things that happened to you. make your own thought to quit smoking.

• Share it with your close ones; it might be your family or friends. they will obviously support you. Your parents always want the best of you. use that support as a strength to fight against whatever you are facing.

• You should set a quit date. Reckon of that day as the new first day of your life without smoking. You will always remember this because you will feel much better than ever before.

• Consult a good doctor. Talk to him about your problems. he will give you medication if needed and also remind you the side effects. Guidance from a professional might add more courage to quit smoking.

• find something to hold in your hands and mouth to replace cigarettes.

And lastly drink lots of water. it will flush out the nicotine and chemicals from your body. Resort to herbal pills that will decrease the withdrawal symptoms and help you quit smoking for good without any side-effects.

P.S Don’t smoke in public. Passive smokers are more affected. Don’t kill them.

Quit Smoking – Tips