Ways to Help Someone Stop Smoking

Someone you care about smokes but they have decided to quit. this is a great time for you to show your love with understanding support. There are certain steps you can take to help your smoker while he is facing one of the largest challenges of his life. Here are some useful ways to help someone stop smoking.

If you are an ex smoker yourself, as I am, it is much simpler to empathize with a smoker’s dilemma when it is time to quit. You know the cravings, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. be sure to share your experience with the smoker. let him know you realize he has a tough road ahead but at the same time share with him how much better you feel since quitting. give him any good tips you used to help you meet your challenge.

If you do not smoke, do not act superior. Just let the person know you realize how hard it is to tackle an addiction. Tell him positive stories of other people you know who have quit.

If you are smoking now, this would be a great opportunity to quit together. however, it is okay if you are not ready. Just let your smoker know if you have tried to quit. Tell him you believe he is the one who can really do it.

Never lecture on the effects of smoking. believe me, the smoker is already aware of the dangers and it is a big reason he wants to quit. Instead, reinforce the benefits he will enjoy from quitting. Emphasize the improvements in his health, the way he looks and even the savings of quite a bit of money

To help someone stop smoking you have to be ready for some irritability and crankiness. Nicotine withdrawal is very uncomfortable. perhaps you could help your friend research and find a nicotine replacement aid that would ease some of the withdrawal symptoms.

A smoker usually has certain things that give him an almost uncontrollable urge to smoke often referred to as triggers. Question the person what his are and then help him avoid them. sometimes smokers light up right after a meal. in this case, you could suggest a walk. Alcohol is another honestly common trigger. Avoid going to places where alcohol is served.

Remember, being positive is key. always comment on the milestones. a day without a cigarette may not seem much of an accomplishment to you, but to a smoker it is major having your support is going to make a huge difference to your smoker. You never know which show of your support will be the one that helps him over the hump and on his way to a life free of nicotine. It is worth your effort to help someone you care about beat the habit

Ways to Help Someone Stop Smoking

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